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Biggest Examples of Culture Shock around the world

Biggest Culture Shock Examples/Culture shock is the feeling of uncertainty, confusion, that people experience when visiting a society or place that is different from their own. Talking about Culture Shock examples, people experience different types of culture shock while traveling. Some culture shock examples are weird and confusing while some are interesting. Some People find it difficult to adjust to the different kinds of culture shock they experience during their Journey. While there are many people who love to experience new and confusing culture shock. It’s because they want to learn something new which will be in their memory for their entire life. While traveling people face many culture shocks which they have to experience.

They get a completely new learning opportunity while some culture shocks are much more difficult.

Here are some of the biggest culture shock examples

1) Throw the baby for Good Luck in India

The 500-year-old traditional ritual is followed in Karnataka, India where the newly born baby is thrown from a 50 feet height of Sri Santeshwar Temple while the baby is caught by family members.

2) Carrying Pregnant wife over burning Coal in China

Chinese believe that their wife could have an easy delivery when husband carries wife over burning coal.

3) Foot-binding to limit them from Growing in China

It was the practice first carried out on young girls in China to restrict their normal growth and make their feet as small as possible. Bound feet were also considered a mark of beauty. It is not practiced in the present day.

4) Red Ink in South Korea

Using Red Ink to write Name is big No in South Korea and considered very unlucky as well as rude against the person whose name is written.

5) Spitting on the bride at weddings in Greece.

It is a very old Greek tradition to spit on the bride to protect them from evil spirits which are done 3 times for good luck.

6) Do not point with your finger in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, pointing is done with Lips.

7) Bride Kidnapping in Africa

It was one of the strange cultural shocks. According to this tradition, an abductor kidnaps the girl and if he became successful in keeping the girl for 2-3 days, the girl becomes his wife, it was practiced during the 19th century.

8) Women wearing rings at Neck in Thailand

Women in Thailand wear rings on their Neck as they believe it will make their neck longer which adds to their beauty and attractiveness.

9) Tomato fight in Spain

Biggest Culture Shock Examples
kuno / Pixabay

La Tomatina is the strange culture shock example in Spain while people throw tomatoes at one another. Some people say it began due to a friendly food fight between friends.

10) Camel wrestling in Turkey

Biggest Culture Shock Examples
Nmassi / Pixabay

Camel wrestling is an ancient village tradition and tournament in Turkey.

11) Bathroom Ban in Indonesia

Probably it is one of the most difficult culture shock examples where newly married bride and groom are not allowed to use the toilet for three days as it is considered bad luck.

12) Throwing cinnamon at single people in Denmark

Throwing cinnamon to single people by their friend at birthday is the tradition in Denmark. If you are 30 years old and still single then the spice thrown at you will be pepper.

13) Battle of the Oranges in Italy

Battle of oranges is the tradition of throwing oranges at people in the Northern City of Ivrea. It is the largest food fight in Italy.

These are some of the biggest culture shock examples in various parts of the world Some of them are weird and some may seem to be interesting.

Hope you like it. Share your opinion in the comments below.

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