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Culture and tradition are the two important aspects of human life. Talking about Difference between culture and tradition first let us understand what culture and tradition actually is. Culture can be defined as a set of ideas, understanding, process and social behavior of a particular place and people. Talking about tradition, tradition can be defined as a action, custom, belief, or a behavior, handed from generation to generation and protected in the current generation.

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Difference between culture and tradition
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Now, when it comes to the difference between culture and tradition, the both have the similar meaning and can be used in similar terms. In general words, culture represents a particular group of people and society with ideas and beliefs. While Tradition is a custom that is passed from one generation to another. Culture is a process or a way that is learned by the people living in the society which can change according to the time. Whereas Tradition represents the past of our ancestors and their glory which cannot be changed. Tradition has been handed by our ancestors to us and similarly will be handed to the coming generation.

Culture is derived from a latin word colere which means to tend to grow. Culture consists of festivals, languages, music, arts, dance. Different countries have their own culture which represents particular group of people or society.

Tradition is derived from latin word traditio which means to transmit. Tradition is handed by our ancestors. Tradition is a belief practiced from generation to generation.

Difference between culture and tradition

Culture is ideas and behavior of a group of people and tradition is a belief passed from generation to generation.

Tradition is permanent which does not change with time, while culture can change with time.

Culture is created by group of people while tradition can be created by individuals.

Tradition and culture are two similar things. Now what are the examples of tradition and culture. Saying thank you is also a tradition. While the examples of culture are festivals, arts, music, dance, food, etc. The practice we are doing in the present days are the tradition which are handed to us from the previous generation.

Handshake is also the tradition which where practiced in the previous times and the people followed in the current generation. While culture can not relate to such thing. Every year we celebrate different festivals, we perform different arts, music and dance which belongs to culture. But it is not that all the culture are same. Culture differs from society to society, and place to place.

For example some group of people may celebrate some festivals where as the other people may celebrate other festivals belonging to their culture. Culture can change and adapt with time.


Tradition and Culture have similar meanings. Culture is the way of living and tradition is the practice of the beliefs handed from the previous generation. Understanding the Difference between culture and tradition is very important.

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