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Understanding the Culture Society and Politics And Its Interconnection

Culture, Society, and Politics are the important terms in our world. Understanding Culture Society and Politics is very important. To Understand the relation between Culture, Society, and Politics. First, we have to Understand them Individually.

Understanding Culture Society And Politics
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Culture is the ideas, beliefs, traditions, and behavior of the people of a particular place or society. While Society is a large group of people sharing the common bond subjected to common political authority for a particular activity and purpose. Politics is a set of activities related to the governance of a particular country or area especially with the people in the power.

  • Now, What is the relation between Culture, Politics, and Society? or How are they related to each other?

Culture is an important aspect of the development of society. Culture Helps To unite a society. Different societies have different culture, which represents the ideas, customs, norms, as well as tradition of the particular society. A Culture with particular values and experiences makes them Unique.

Culture makes people of society understand the social, religious, as well as economic benefits. It helps in the well-being of all the people and also the society. Culture plays important role in the formation of society as people of similar cultures, behavior, ideas, and values form together with society. Culture is the social aspect of the society which reflects the tradition of the society.

Understanding Culture Society And Politics

Understanding Culture Society and Politics let us start from the beginning. How culture, society, and politics were formed? In ancient times people had no fixed place to live. People used to roam here and there and hunt animals for food. At that time their life was so difficult. They used to be attacked by the animals. So in order to be safe from animals they started living in groups.

Slowly then they started cultivation for survival. They made small houses for survival and they started to live in a permanent place. In this way, society was formed. With the formation of the society, people of the particular society started to follow similar practices, traditions and had a similar way of living. In this way slowly culture was formed.

As the people became civilized, their hunger for money started to rise. Due to this, fighting among the different groups of people for food, wealth, land was started. Due to this, a leader was necessary to lead the society or a particular group of people. In this way, slowly politics formed.

Culture, as well as politics both, have an important role in society. Culture is the process or the behavior of society. Similarly, politics plays the important role in the formation of the culture of the society.

How are Politics, Culture, and Society Interrelated?

As politics is a set of activities by the people in power. And those activities by the people in power will have an impact on the life of the people of the society. As those activities are for the development and welfare of the people of the society. Similarly, Culture also has daily influences upon the people of the society.

Culture changes from generation to generation according to the need of the society for the betterment and welfare of the society. The main purpose of the culture is to make people of the society live in harmony and unity. And to help them live to share a common bond and love, respecting each other opinions, as well as together working for the betterment of society. Similarly, politics focuses on making people’s life simple and easier. It works for the development of society. Politics and culture both have an influence on society.


Culture Influences the activities of the society. While politics is the reason for the formation of the culture and also can transform culture. Culture and politics both influence each other. Politics plays the important role in the development of the culture. While Culture is formed in the society, by the society for the society.

Let’s take an example, people living in society enjoy different facilities and services. They perform different activities and behaviors. So we can say that Culture is the way of using those facilities and services. Culture is the way people perform different activities and behaviors. While politics is the way of distributing those facilities and services. Understanding Culture Society, as well as Politics, helps people understand the situation of society.

So at the last, we can conclude by saying society is a group of people living in a particular group. Culture is the tradition, norms, and behavior of the group. And politics is the activities with the governance of the group.

Understanding Culture Society and Politics is very important for every people. Culture society, as well as politics, are related to each other.

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