Drawing on Global Warming-Causes, Effects and Solution

Global Warming/Drawing on Global Warming

Before talking about Drawing on Global warming, let us understand what Global warming is. Global warming is the unusual increase of earth’s average temperature, oceans, and atmosphere due to the greenhouse gases released mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide, methane and other gases. The main causes of global warming is due to the increase in the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

According to the reports, global warming started in 19th century. And the causes of global warming was human. Burning fossils fuels such as coals, oils are the main causes of global warming and climate change. It is also said that almost 97 percent of the global warming is caused by humans. Sun intensity and volcanic eruptions are also the major causes of global warming.

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Drawing on Global Warming
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Causes of Global Warming/Drawing on Global Warming

Global warming is the serious threat. Global warming can directly harm human beings, plants and animals and destroy their life.

Causes of Global Warming/Drawing on Global Warming

1) Pollution From Transportation

Transportation is one of the biggest causes of global warming. Green house gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted from our cars and trucks due to burning fossils fuels which contribute in global warming. Mostly old vehicles are the causes of global warming.

2) Agriculture

Farming is another causes of global warming. According to the reports, farming releases methane and nitrous oxide which are known as one of the powerful green house gases which are the causes of global warming.

3) Use of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are the chemical substance used by the farmers to increase the crop productivity. When farmers use fertilizers to crops, chemical reaction between fertilizers and crops produce nitrous oxide which is the powerful greenhouse gas, which is the causes of global warming.

4) Deforestation

How does deforestation contribute in Global Warming? Deforestation is the process of cutting down the trees. And when trees are cut down , carbon stored in the trees are released in the form of carbon dioxide. We know that carbon dioxide is the green house gas which contributes for global warming.

5) Industrial Activity

As we know lots of toxic gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are released from the industry which plays a vital role in global warming.

6) Burning of fossil fuels

Burning fossil fuel is one of the major causes of global warming. When fossil fuels are burnt, carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere which is the major causes of global warming.

Effects of Global Warming/Drawing on Global Warming

1) Floods-Effects of global warming

When Talking about the effects of global warming, flood is caused due to global warming because of sea level rise and extreme weather.

2) Health problems-Effects of global warming

Global warming can cause different health problems and allergies to human skin which can be very dangerous to human beings. It can cause coughing, chest pain, cramps, exhaustion.

3) Degrade in the water quality-Effects of global warming

Water quality can degrade due to global warming. Global warming can cause contamination of water which can lower water quality.

4) Extreme weather conditions-Effects of global warming

Global warming can result in very difficult weather condition which makes very difficult for human survival. Global warming increases the temperature. According to the reports, the average global temperature has increased by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 100 years.

5) Sea Level Rise-Effects of global warming

Due to global warming ice melts and sea level rise. Rise of sea level is the major reason for floods.

6) Wildlife-Effects of global warming

Global warming has a big effect in the ecosystem. It becomes very difficult for plants and animals for their survival.

How to control Global warming?/Drawing on Global Warming

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Drawing on Global Warming
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1) Use of Renewable Sources of Energy

Using of Renewable sources of energy can help to control Global Warming. As we know most of the device we use produce greenhouse gases. So, using renewable sources of energy can help us to replace sources which causes global warming.

2) Reduce the use of Electrical Appliances

We use different electrical appliances like computer, television. People watch television for hours. So, reducing the use of electrical appliances can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released in atmosphere which can help in controlling Global Warming.

3) Planting Trees

Planting Trees is one of the most effective way to control global warming. When trees are planted, it can help to control global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the air.

4) Awareness Campaign

Awareness for people is the most important thing to be done to control global warming. People should be given proper Knowledge about the effect, causes of global warming. They should be given the clear idea about the dangerous effect of global warming so that they will be aware and do their best for controlling global warming.

5) Using less hot water

Using less hot water can save carbon dioxide which can help to control global warming.

6) Recycling

For controlling global warming, use of recycled materials should be encouraged. Using of recycled materials can help to reduce green house gases which can help to control Global Warming.

Global warming is a very serious issue. It has big impact upon our lives and health. We have to contribute from our side to control global warming. Africa and Artic are likely to be affected by climate change. According to the report, the global temperature is supposed to increase from 0.3 to 1.7 degree celsius in 21st century. In today’s world global warming is really a serious issue. The atmosphere is becoming warmer due to which people have been suffering many problems.

Ocean acidification and sea level rise are the major problems which can cause flood. Global warming and climate change are often considered as relatable. But, global warming and climate change are two different things.

Differences between Global warming and Climate Change/Drawing on Global Warming

Global Warming v Climate change

Global warming is the increase in global temperature due to the large concentrations of green house gases.

Climate change is defined as the change in the climate of the particular place over a long period of time.

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