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Complete Essay on pollution of Environment and Its Types

Essay on pollution of Environment

Pollution is the mixture of harmful, poisonous, and unwanted substances that affects the health of the people and the environment. Pollution has become one of the biggest challenges in today’s world. Due to urbanization and industrialization, pollution has increased a lot. In the present times, different countries and organizations have brought different initiatives for controlling pollution.

 All the people want a quality and healthy life. For quality and healthy life, they need a better and pollution-free environment. Pollution has adverse effects on the health of the people. So, we all have to work together to make our environment pollution-free. In this article, we will discuss an Essay on Pollution of environment, types of pollution and causes, effects, and control measures of pollution.

Types of Pollution

Generally, there are four types of pollution. They are :

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Noise Pollution
  4. Land Pollution

Air Pollution

Essay on pollution of Environment
Purgin_Alexandr / Pixabay

Air Pollution is the mixture of air with unwanted, harmful, and poisonous substances that degrades the quality of the air. It has a negative impact on the health of the environment, living beings, plants, and animals. According to the research, Human Beings breathe about 20,000 times a day. So it is pretty clear, how dangerous air pollution can be.

The major reason for increasing air pollution is industrialization. Due to the increase of different industry which releases different types of poisonous and harmful gases, smoke is the major reason for increasing air pollution. Old Vehicles are also the reason for increasing air pollution which releases smoke, and harmful gases.

Some of the Major Air Pollutants

  • Ozone
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lead
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Sulfur Oxide
  • CFCs

Causes of Air Pollution

  • Industry

The industry is one of the major causes of Air pollution as it releases a large number of harmful gases and smoke.

  • Burning of Fossil Fuels

The burning of fossil fuels is another reason for air pollution. When fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy, it also releases air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide which causes global warming and increases air pollution.

  • Construction Activities

Due to the increasing population, construction activities have increased a lot. And with the increase in construction activities, pollution has also increased. Construction activities also degrade the environment and the natural resources available in the environment as large amounts of dust particles are released during construction.

  • Vehicles and Transportation

Vehicles are also one of the major causes of Air Pollution. It releases greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide which are the major air pollutants.

  •   Use of Pesticides and Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a chemical substance that increases the growth and productivity of plants. And pesticides are chemical substances that are used to kill pests. The use of pesticides and fertilizer pollutes the air of the environment.

Effects of Air Pollution

  1. Air pollution has an adverse effect on human health as well as on plants and animals. It causes different diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, and many more.
  2. Air pollution also causes global warming and climate change.
  3. Air Pollution can also result in acid rain. Acid rain can cause adverse effects on plants and animals, humans.
  4. Air Pollution can result in the depletion of the ozone layer. Depletion of the ozone layer allows UV rays to reach earth which can cause different diseases such as skin cancer.
  5. Air Pollution can affect the growth of crops and plants.

Control Measures of Air Pollution

  1. Prohibiting the use of Old Vehicles that releases smoke.
  2. Less use of electrical appliances.
  3. Educating people about the importance of Afforestation.
  4. Building Industries far from human residence.
  5. Turn off the lights when not in use.
  6. Use a fan instead of the air conditioner.
  7. Discouraging the use of plastic bags.

Water Pollution

Essay on pollution of Environment
ds_30 / Pixabay

Water Pollution is the mixture of harmful and unwanted substances in water bodies like lakes, rivers, and oceans that degrades the water quality. Almost 71% of the earth contains water where 97% of the water is salt water and only 1.2% of water is available for drinking purposes. Due to this, fresh drinking water is not available at all places. Due to this, many people all around the world have faced a lot of problems. Clean and fresh drinking water is necessary for healthy life but there are many people who suffer scarcity of water every year.

Causes of Water Pollution

  1. Industrial wastes and dust are the major cause of water pollution. As we know, due to the growing population the demand for different raw materials and basic needs such as food, and shelter has increased a lot. And while fulfilling the demand of the growing population, industrial wastes should also be managed. But, not having a proper waste management system leads to water pollution.
  2. Insecticides and Pesticides also cause water pollution. Pesticides are applied to increase the productivity of the crops and insecticides are applied to kill pests.
  3. Pesticides and Insecticides can mix with groundwater and contaminate water.
  4. Water pollution is also caused by deforestation as it may lead to soil erosion.  Deforestation near water sources can contaminate the available water sources.
  5. Global warming also causes water pollution. With global warming, the temperature will rise due to which water temperature will also increase which can cause difficulty for the survival of different aquatic animals.
  6. Water pollution is caused by the discharge of unwanted wastes into rivers and lakes. It is the major reason for increasing water pollution.  Due to the lack of a proper waste management system, there are many water sources that are polluted due to the discharge of unwanted wastes such as household wastes, medical wastes, and many others.

Effects of Water Pollution

  1. Water pollution causes different diseases such as hepatitis A, cholera, and diarrhea.
  2. It can also cause Air Pollution.
  3. Water Pollution has an adverse effect on the life of aquatic animals.
  4. Water Pollution can also cause land pollution.

Control Measures of Water Pollution

  1. Washing Clothes and Bathing near the sources of water should be avoided.
  2. Proper management of industrial and medical wastes.
  3. Encouraging Afforestation campaign near the sources of water.
  4. Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
  5. Establishing a habit to reuse items instead of throwing them.

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Anxiety Noise  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay
essay on pollution of environment
mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Noise Pollution is unwanted or disturbing sound that has harmful effects on human beings, animals, and the environment. Noise pollution is a major problem in some big cities where there are lots of crowds. Boise pollution can also have bad effects on the health of people causing different diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, and increased stress levels.

Causes of Noise Pollution

  1. Construction Activities cause Noise pollution. As we know, lots of heavy instruments and vehicles run during construction activities which produce large and unpleasant sounds.
  2. Traffic Noise is also responsible for causing Noise Pollution.
  3. The industry is also responsible for Noise Pollution as various types of heavy equipment run in the Industry which produce large sound.
  4. Animals like dogs are also responsible for causing Noise pollution. Barking Dogs can produce 80-90 DB.
  5. Crowdy Places such as social events, and train stations are also responsible for causing Noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

  1. Noise Pollution can cause various diseases such as heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  2. The large intensity of sound can even cause hearing problems.
  3. Noise Pollution can also have an impact on wildlife as most the animals depend on hearing for their survival.
  4. It also decreases the concentration level.
  5. Noise pollution can also cause anxiety and headaches.

Control Measures of Noise Pollution

  1. Controlling Traffic Noise. Encouraging the use of public vehicles.
  2. Effective management of Crowdy places. Implementation of proper rules and regulations.
  3. Building Industry far from human settlement.
  4. Implementation of different rules regarding horns to control Noise Pollution.
  5. Educating People about the effects of Noise Pollution.

Land Pollution

Trash Trash Land Trash Dump  - Karuvadgraphy / Pixabay
essay on pollution of environment
Karuvadgraphy / Pixabay

Land pollution is the deposition of harmful and poisonous substances that can affect the growth of plants and crops and also the health of living beings. Land pollution is one of the major problems. Various natural, as well as human activities, are responsible for land pollution. Land pollution can also have severe effects on the health of the people as well as affect the growth of crops and plants. Land pollution can cause different diseases. To be safe from land pollution, we all should play our role to live a healthy life and maintain a pollution-free environment.

Causes of Land Pollution

1) Deforestation is the major cause of land pollution. Deforestation can cause climate change and soil erosion which is one of the major reasons for pollution.

2) Industrialization is another major cause of land pollution. With the increase in population, the demand for basic needs and facilities has also increased. So, to fulfill the demand and needs of the people, many industries have been established.  Industrial wastes are one of the reasons for increasing land pollution.

3) Construction activities and medical wastes are also the cause of increasing land pollution. 

4) Acid Rain also causes Land Pollution.

5) Land Pollution is also caused by the overuse of chemical fertilizers which decrease fertility and pollute the air, water, and land.

Effects of Land Pollution

1) Land Pollution can cause water pollution.

2) The smell due to land pollution can also cause Air Pollution.

3) Land Pollution also decreases the fertility of the soil.

4) Land pollution cal also degrade the quality of the drinking water.

5) Land Pollution can cause different diseases.

Control Measures of Land Pollution

1) Afforestation should be done. People should be made aware of the importance of planting trees.

2) Use of Chemical Fertilizers should be limited.

3) Proper management of agricultural, medical, and industrial wastes.

4) Encouraging the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. People should be given proper knowledge about the management of waste.

Global Warming

Global Warming is the unusual increase in the earth’s temperature due to the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, and methane which are released due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Causes of Global Warming

  1. Excessive use of fertilizers is also the cause of global warming. Fertilizers are the chemical substance that is used to increase the productivity of crops.
  2. Deforestation is another cause of global warming. When trees are cut down, the carbon present in the trees is released in form of carbon dioxide. And as we know carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is responsible for global warming.
  3. Burning fossil fuels is also the cause of global warming.
  4. Industries are also the cause of global warming as lots of toxic and poisonous gases are released from the industries which are responsible for global warming.
  5. Vehicles and Transportation are also the cause of global warming. Vehicles like cars, buses, and trucks release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which is responsible for Global Warming.

Effects of Global Warming

  1. Global Warming can cause various health problems. It can cause coughing, chest pain, and many other diseases.
  2. Global warming can also degrade the quality of drinking water.
  3. It can make it difficult for the survival of plants and animals.
  4. Global Warming can also cause floods.

Control Measures of Global Warming

  1. Less Use of Electrical Appliances. Turning off electrical appliances when not in use.
  2. Conducting an Afforestation program which is one of the best ways to control Global Warming.
  3. Encouraging the use of Renewable Sources of Energy.
  4. Encouraging the Concept of Reuse and Recycle.

Pollution has become one of the major issues in today’s world. People have suffered from different diseases due to pollution. With industrialization and urbanization, pollution has increased a lot. We all have to be aware of the effects of pollution and how it can affect our life. Government should make different plans to control pollution. Health is the most important thing and to live a healthy life, our environment must be free of pollution. We should give our individual efforts to control pollution. We must have to be aware of the effects of pollution before it’s late and also play our role in maintaining a healthy environment.

Hope you Liked the Essay on Pollution of environment and the types, causes, effects, and control measures of pollution.

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