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Manchester United a emotion for the billions of fans around the world . Rise and Fall of Manchester United, The team which was once the best, the team which did some magic in the field, Manchester united a common name for all of us around the world. But….. Is Manchester United still the best?? Most of the experts says a big NO. What is the reason for the expert to say that? The simple reason is the stats which clearly shows how they have suffered in the last few years. Their performance has not been up to the mark. We have seen Manchester comeback in 1999 FA Cup against Liverpool to shameful lost against Manchester City. 

Rise and fall of Manchester United

Old Trafford Manchester United , Rise and fall of Manchester United
MulaMiszczu / Pixabay

Talking about the Manchester united many of the people say that united has been one of the best team of England and the reason for that was Sir Alex Ferguson. After Ferguson retired many managers took control of united but no one were near to the achievements of Alex Ferguson.
Lack of a proper defense lineup was the major reason for the downfall of red devil. United defensive lineup has not been up to the premier league potential. Probably they will need player like Van Dijk and Sergio Ramos. 

Attack wins you Matches But defense wins You Titles. Sir Alex Ferguson

 Talking about the last few season Manchester Ended the 2019-2020 season at 3rd position while 2018-2019 at 6th positions. Talking about the 2020-2021 season Manchester is at 2nd of the points table. Manchester have played 19 games and won 12 games while they have lost 3 games. Portuguese star Bruno Fernandes have been one of the most essential player in the United forward line. He has scored 11 goals in this season and probably will score more.

Manchester United Last won Premier league Title in 2012-2013 season. Since Then Manchester United ahs not been able to register their next title. In the previous season they were at the third of the table, which was pretty good. The Kind of Form United is Moving with, United is expected to win the premier league title this season. In the last 5 matches United has won 4 while they played a draw against Liverpool. Manchester City is in the first Position of the Points table with 41 points while United have 40 points. In this season United has shown some of the great performance defeating Leeds United by 6-0, Everton by 2-0. Talking about the Rise and Fall of Manchester United, it all started in 2009.

The performance were up and down and United suddenly got a brake to their performance when Sir Alex Ferguson left United and retired from his Football Management Career, having won the premier league in his Final season. Alex Ferguson was replaced by 2 times European Champion David Moyes. After Ferguson left, United have won the FA Cup in 2015-16, the Europa League in 2016-17 and the EFL Cup in 2017. United never became to conquer the premier League title as they used to do. The 13 times premier league champion could not even win a single title in 8 years. In 2017-2018 Manchester United ended the points table in second position Which was their best in the last 8 Years.

Why is Manchester United Declining?

The reason for Manchester United declining was protests, mismanaged managers, dividends and unnecessary transfers. Retirement of Alex Ferguson was also another reason Behind United Downfall in last 10 years.

How many trophies have Man U won since 2000?

FA CUP 2015/2016
How many trophies have Man U won since 2000?

Who won more trophies Man U or Liverpool?

Manchester United have won in total of 66 trophies where Liverpool have won 64 trophies.

How many trophies have Man United won in total?

Manchester United have won 66 trophies in Total.


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Rise and fall of Manchester United