Which is better IPL vs BBL vs PSL?

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IPL vs BBL/Ipl is the world’s most popular T20 league introduced by BCCI in 2008. Since, then ipl has been a great success and became the most watched cricket league in the world. It has progressed every year. As the IPL became a great success, different cricket board around the world started their own franchise based t20 leagues like BBL and CPL. These league have their own fan base. These leagues are filled with entertainment, glamour, millions of cash.

With Ipl all set to start from april 9, 2021, people all over the world are much excited to see their teams perform. Some new players have been added in the teams. Some players are bought at a very higher price which happens every year in IPL. Chris Morris was bought by Rajasthan Royals at a whopping price of 16.25 crore. Kyle Jamison was bought at 15 crore by Royal Challengers Banglore.

Similarly Big Bash being another entertaining league of the world started on December 10, 2020 where Sydney Sixers defended their title in the final. Cricket craze has been growing a lot. Its fanbase is increasing all over the world. In the present days lot of people are attracted towards various T-20 league around the world. People all over the world have been following Indian premier league, Big Bash League, Pakistan Super League and many more.

Many people often ask a question Which is the best T-20 league in the world? or Which is the better T-20 league between IPL and BBL? We all know that all the leagues around the world have their own fanbase and all the leagues are best at their own level. Talking about IPL vs BBL, both leagues are the biggest league of the world and have entertained all the people all over the world. So today we will do a short comparision between IPL vs BBL.

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Difference in IPL and BBL/IPL vs BBL

1)Match scheduling problem
As Ipl has got lots of star player around the globe it has always been problem with BCCI to have proper schedule management. Where BBL has not got many big names due to which it does not get affected by international matches.

2)Difference in ground size
As Ipl is played in lot of ground and the ground size in Ipl are not uniform due to which particular teams get advantage. The ground size in BBL are equal so that all teams can have equal match opportunity.

3)Availability of quality players
The major problem with BBL is it allows only two overseas players in its squad, while Ipl allows four overseas players in its squad. Ipl, as it is the most followed league and allowing four overseas players adds lot of competition in the tournament while not having Indian players in BBL might affect BBL.

4)Knockout Stage
BBL has semifinal stage in which top four teams qualify for semifinal where no 1 team will face no 4 team and no 2 team will face no 3 team. But Ipl has playoff system in which deserving teams get one more chance to qualify for final.

5)Quality in watching match
Watching a live match is dream for many people and especially to watch Ms Dhoni, Virat Kohli, kl Rahul, Rohit Sharma is what people want. Having such star player the average attendance per match in IPL is 26542 which is only 10 more than BBL. Although not having power packed star players BBL has almost same per match attendance to IPL. Australian board offers better way of watching game and also have several stuntman performing during the match.

Comparison/IPL vs BBL
Comparing between IPL and big bash in money and popularity, ipl seems to dominate big bash. The information of BCCI stated that ipl made the profit of $31.2 million. The reason of ipl being the most successful is because of the fans as millions of fans are eager to watch Ipl. Fans want to hear senior commentator and their humorous commentary skills. There is no doubt, ipl is richest league of all. Not only bccci, ipl teams has also made huge profit.

IPL vs BBL players salary

When Comparing IPL vs BBL, how can we forget the IPL vs BBL players salary. Players earn much more in Ipl than in BBL. Rashid khan IPL salary is 9 crores while his BBL salary was $198,000. When Talking about IPL vs BBL players salary the most expensive player in BBL is Darcy Short whose value is $258,900 where the most expensive player in IPL is Indian Captain Virat Kohli whose value is INR 17 Crores.

IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary IPL vs BBL players salary

Which is best IPL or BBL?

Bigbash has just covered few seasons and are in progress where ipl has became a well established league being the oldest of all. But big bash has attained lots of success and millions of fans within short interval of time. Right now, we can say that ipl is the best t20 league in the world. But, the kind of progress we are witnessing in BBL it is evident that in the coming years BBL can be the best t20 league in the world.

Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL? Which is best IPL or BBL?

Short Brief about IPL vs PSL

PSL Known as Pakistan Super League is also the most popular league in the world. Pakistan Super League was started in 2015 and since then it has been a huge success. Pakistan Super League has prize money of around 7.42 Crore, while IPL 2020 winner Mumbai Indians received 20 Crore.



IPL, BBL, PSL are the biggest league in the world. With the above explanation, it is pretty clear that IPL is biggest league of the world. IPL was started in 2008, BBL was started in 2011, PSL was started in 2015. All of these leagues have been a lot successful and has entertained all the people all over the world. In terms of success, all of these league are very much successful and has played a major role in the development of cricket and exploring a new talent by giving a platform to the youngsters.

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